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  • Current Situation
    I am a firm believer in the open source movement. I have benefited so much from this community that I felt compelled to make my own contribution, and that turned out to be SINFG. A few weeks ago, I came up with the business plan that I think might be worth pursuing with 100% of my time and effort. Work will continue on this project, but from now on it will be considered proprietary and closed source. This means that the SINFG project, in it's current incarnation, is dissolved effective immediately. There will be no further releases or CVS updates.

    The new venture that I am undertaking is not a software company, so it is possible that, after the company becomes established, some of the technologies developed could be released as open-source projects--including what we now know of as the SINFG core. All released versions of SINFG, including the versions on CVS, will still be available. They were released under the GPL, and as such are still governed by it's provisions. However, judging from the public responses I have got so far about SINFG (which is zero), I doubt anyone will really care.

  • Sinfg v.0.01.02 Released!
    Minor updates here and there, a few improvements to the build system, a few bug-fixes, and TIFF support. Not enough to jump up and down, but it is the latest and greatest. SourceForge Download Section.
  • Sinfg v.0.01.01 Released!
    A few minor updates including a new multi-threaded rendering engine, improvements to the build system, and a new time-remaining readout on the progress meter. Check it out. SourceForge Download Section.
  • DigiPen Life
    I just thought I should mention that my 5th semester at DigiPen just started about a week ago, and this will most likely decrease how much time I have to work on this project. I have allot of plans for Sinfg, so development will still continue -- just at a slower pace for the next 14 weeks. I'll keep you posted.
  • Sinfg v.0.01.00 Released!
    Well, here we go, the first alpha release! Check it out in the SourceForge Download Section.