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SINFG is a flexible resolution-independent image manipulation package, which allows you to create a wide variety of images including fractals and vector graphics. It consists primarily of two programs: SINFG Studio and SINFG Tool.

SINFG Studio is a tool for creating resolution-independent compositions. Written in Gnome/GTK+, it allows the user to graphically arrange the distortion layers, and immediately see the results. The compositions can be saved in the SIF composition format and then rendered using SINFG Tool.

SINFG Tool is a command line utility for rendering pre-composed SIF files to a standard image format, such as TIFF. It was designed to be easily integrated into a project's build process.

The SIF composition format is ASCII, so SINFG Studio is not necessary (but it is helpful) to generate images. (As a side note, Sinfg Studio isn't anywhere near done enough to be released, so an ASCII editor is the only way to use Sinfg at the moment)

It may go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: This web-site is under construction, so forgive the rough edges.

SINFG stands for 'SINFG Is Not a Fractal Generator', and is pronounced 'Sinfig'.