[ 17 JULY 2005 ] See here: Yes, it will likely be open-sourced. Just wait a few weeks.
[ 16 JANUARY 2004 ] Just in case anyone is interested: The website for the company that I founded just went online. This is the company that I abandoned SINFG to start. All of the graphics on that website were created using the closed-source version of SINFG that I have been developing over the past year.

And once again I'll mention that it is possible that one day the latest version of SINFG will once again be open source, but that is not in the forseeable future.

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[ 1 MAY 2003 ] It has been quite some time since I have touched this website, so I figured I would go ahead and tell everyone what is up. Since around August of last year, I have been working full-time on what is the successor to SINFG. While this new program shares some of the concepts of the old open-source version of SINFG, it is indeed now an entirely different beast.

If you are looking for the old SINFG site, you can find it here. From there, you will find a gallery of old stuff that I made with the open source version of SINFG, as well as screen shots and a link to the SourceForge page for that project. From there, you can download the open-source version of SINFG--although it is somewhat dated and un-polished.

Unfortunately, I must limit myself from talking about what the current incarnation of SINFG is capable of, but let's just say that it blows the old version out of the water. :)

For some reason, this page got a relatively large number of hits in the past day or two, so that's why I am posting this notice. If you have any questions, comments, or requests, please do not hesitate to contact me. My contact information can be found in the contact section of my website, a link for which can be found below.

--- darco (darco at deepdarc dot com)

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